Flashback to 2002 with Fat Joe & Ashanti

24 Sep

Her and I had a little adventure to NYC one day. We left at the crack of dawn, and neither of us would forget the busride. A few seats in front of us, an OBnoxious lady decided to BLAST her ipod, intermittently talking on her phone so loudly.The whole bus could hear her, and keep in mind it was early in the morning and we were all wishing to sleep. Along with hearing about her personal life and petty drama, one song we remember hearing from this lady’s headphones was Fat Joe & Ashanti’s What’s Luv. It fit her so well and it was loud enough for us all to jam to it. We hadn’t heard the song in ages, and it was a funny ass flashback. It’s not new, nor particularly noteworthy in a musical sense, but it became the song of the trip. And because of that song I will always remember that crazy NYC trip.


One Response to “Flashback to 2002 with Fat Joe & Ashanti”

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