LCD Soundsystem 10/6/10

7 Oct

So I saw LCD Soundsystem last night. As soon I arrived and walked into crowd, I asked a man if the opening band Sleigh Bells had gone on yet. He nodded and said ya. FUCK, I missed them. But this man was supposedly Keith Richards so I wasn’t too bummed.  LCD have the uncommon quality of being incredibly much better live than in recording. There was a great party vibe which came in the form of lyrics from songs like “Drunk Girls” and “Daft Punk is Playing at my House.” For me, the bands success comes from their ability to mix the structures of electronic and rock, accompanying standard rock instruments with the heavy synth and repetitious melodies of electro. All in all it was an incredible show. The first vid is a couple clips from my phone.


One Response to “LCD Soundsystem 10/6/10”

  1. 802 October 8, 2010 at 2:58 am #

    So so so so soooo good. What I enjoyed most was their ability to keep the party vibe of the concert going long after playing their two higher energy songs. That and the encore. LCD’s quality of live music has made me a fan for life.

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