Broken Social Scene, Feb 12, Revolution Live, Ft. Laudy

13 Feb

These guys just keep goin and goin. This indie supergroup dates back to 1999 but they are still on their feet and running. Their acclaimed album Forgiveness Rock Record released just last year stacked their already well equipped arsenal of songs for great show. The group must have played for at least three hours. By the end of the show the crowd was pretty tired and Kevin Drew had to kinda beg everyone to stay with it. He kept asking the audience to push the concert to “the next level”, a level, to his disappointment, that was never obtained. For the most part, the energy was stuck right in between chillin out and jumping around, making a split crowd and awkward time if you were in the pit. Overall it was a good show though, and the variety of band members and instruments kept me entertained.



One Response to “Broken Social Scene, Feb 12, Revolution Live, Ft. Laudy”

  1. Alex February 13, 2011 at 9:16 pm #

    Enjoyed going with you dude!

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