Ultra Day 3

28 Mar


Laidback Luke- a lot of mainstream stuff on his tracklist but made for a fun set

Crystal Castles- love them. Almost as good as they were at Grand Central in September.

(Van Buuren- missed him but he’s #1 for a reason)

Guetta- I thought he was overrated but he put on a damn good show. Such a character with that french accent. I think his best quality is that he gets the ladies going like crazy.

SKRILLEXXXXXXXXX- Future headliner. Hands down best show on both days he performed. The other dubstep sets I saw, (Nero and Skream) just can’t compare. I don’t know what to call his music, Dubstep with hints of electro house and Drum n Bass, all the while heavily influenced with his post-hardcore roots in From First to Last? Something I’ve never heard. He also had suprisingly quite a few pop hits in his set, showing that he’s not some outcast/dubweirdo; he can play with the best well-rounded DJs out there. Despite his emo appearance and song titles like “Fucking Die” and “Kill Everybody,” Sonny Moore was as friendly and engaging as any artist I saw. Awesome to watch. The energy, his movement with the music, clearly loving what he’s doing. Speaking of love, I don’t think anyone expressed as much gratitude and genuine love for his fans as Skrillex. I also liked when  requested for the guys to politely ask the ladies to go on their shoulders, and in the moments that followed, in the midst of a sea of levitated women, he says “and who says girls don’t like dubstep”.Less than 10 months ago, Skrillex was essentially nonexistent, releasing his debut EP in June. Before this weekend I’m sure not many knew him besides a small scribble on the third tier of the sunday UMF lineup page, but that’s changed. Although Skrillex’s music may not exactly be pleasant nor a joyful listen with your cup of morning tea, when ur wasted or rolling its a whole other story. And just as dubstep was getting mainstream and its remixes cliché, Skrillex is taking us in a new direction.


I’m sorry Ali, Skrillex isn’t a sell-out who was second to Matt Good, Sonny left emo-rock and went from last to first.


One Response to “Ultra Day 3”

  1. Ali March 29, 2011 at 6:12 pm #


    Scroll to the middle. What do you think about skrillex now

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