Sampling Drama

6 Aug

I’m posting Collide (Afrojack Remix)- Leona Lewis, but before I do, here’s the history of the song…an interesting example of the modern music world….

Released in 1987:

Leaked around February, clearly referencing the orchestra’s name:

Around mid-July Leona allegedly used Avicii’s material without permission

About the same time Leona released her song Avicii re-released penguin with vocals, calling it Fade Into Darkness:

And finally:

The drama is great. Avicii tweets saying he was unaware of Leona’s release of the song yet Leona tweets he did. Even more entertaining are the youtube comments which includes everyone shitting on Leona for “stealing avicii’s song” or shitting on each other for every mistake in musical knowledge… a lot of swearing and arguments over what is the artists fault or producers fault and what a remix is and plagiarism blah blah… I see some hypocrisy in all the people hating about stealing avicii’s song when he sampled it himself. More coverage at Fresh New Tracks.



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