2 for 1 Tuesday

5 Sep

In the unlikely case you like one, you’ll likely like the other. What both of these producers have in common is that they have made some freakishly inconsistent stuff, though consistently experimental. The Noise-rock band HEALTH does a cover of a song from the sample-happy Pictureplane, and Blood Diamonds depart from their tropical flavor in “Heart” towards a soundscape by the likes of  M83/Animal Collective… hmm…



The question is, do you really need 2 songs, or is this a marketing scheme to convince you that NEED 2, when only 1 is sufficient. But the fact that the songs are free makes this irrelevant, and it is in fact merely a choice to download not just 1, but 2 songs. Now, faced with 2 choices as opposed to 1, you are more likely to download neither according to the paradox of choice theory. So no, this is not a marketing scheme, and no I will probably not do another 2 for 1 next Tuesday, or ever again.

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