Skrillex remixes “Levels” and something’s got a hold on Etta James

11 Dec

This is probably one of the biggest remixes of the year. To me, “Levels” was the one of the top played songs of the year in electronic music, or at least house. And with a remix from Skrillex, the hottest dubstep artist today, you’ve got a recipe for extreme popularity. However, after just one listen, I felt like I had already heard the song a hundred times. I’m already sick and tired of the level’s melody, and Skrillex’s needs to change up his synth sounds. Also, the Etta James vocal sample has been hit by a car, then hit again, then caught on a fender and is still being dragged. Etta James released “Something’s got a hold on me” in 1962, and then Pretty Lights sampled her in “Finally Moving” released in 2006 ( great song). I don’t know why it was put in “Levels” because “FInally Moving” is a classic and the sample should have ended there. We can now also hear the sample in every “levels” mashup and remix- like this one. And to put the nail in the coffin, Flo Rida released “Good Feeling” this fall. What the hell. Etta James was right when she said something’s got a hold on me– ya, a stranglehold.

Download Levels (Skrillex Remix)- Avicii




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