Spring Party Weekend

19 Apr

It’s that time of the year when professors leave upstate New York in fear of the wrath of Spring Party Weekend. Three (or four, or five) days of insane college students getting drunk on lawns, attending concerts, and not remembering any of it. If you want, you can jump in a pool of Jello, or maybe some beach volleyball is more your cup of tea. Barbecues are lit up, even if it rains, and campus tours for potential applicants are cancelled.

This year, Avicii is the main stage performer (I don’t want to think about how much of my tuition is going towards this concert).  Following this is a foam party with Kap Slap. 80s cover bands, and Springsteen cover bands, add to the collection of events.

As we’ve mentioned before on Unfound, Kap Slap is originally from our high school and damn, he makes some good music. Here is his recent mix of Swedish House Mafia with “Call Me Maybe.”

Things are about to get nuts at Colgate. As Walter Cronkite said in 1972: “There are two places in the world I wouldn’t want my daughter to be … Vietnam and Colgate during Spring Party Weekend.” 



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