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The Chill Lane

10 Oct

Dat deep synth

Kiely Rich

10 Oct

With the infiltration of EDM into mainstream America through iHeartRadio, I will definitely be cutting down on my electronic posts. However, I’ll continue to post about Kiely Rich until he gets the credit he deserves. He finally got some recognition with his tune “Dark Star” , which got released through Atlantic Records last month and is available on Beatport. If “Dark Star” is too mellow for you check out “Wake Up Now”


10 Oct

By now, this Scottish trio needs no introduction. They’re currently touring the US and have their song “We Sink” featured in FIFA ’14 (having your song in a FIFA game is the equivalent of being featured on Oprah, except the market demographic is polar opposite). 10 out of the 12 songs of their debut albumĀ The Bones of What you Believe in are keepers in my book. “Guns” and “Lungs” may be my favorites, but “Under the Tide” caught me by surprise during their live show in Boston when one of the guys took over the vocals. Sounds like M83, with a bit of Passion PIt.

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