I have no musical background, unless you count my piano lessons as a kid, with my chubby fingers clumsily hitting all the wrong keys. The first tape I owned was admittedly S Club 7’s “Never Had a Dream Come True.” And as a child, I thought The Beatles were insects and Prince was a royal family member (I have since sorted out this confusion).

I came to realize that my poor piano playing was worth the time. My appreciation for sound grew ten-fold. Then came the mixtapes shared between friends, exposing me to music I otherwise would not have discovered. When I learned to drive, the radio was a constant fixture. The iPod became essential, and music suddenly defined moments in life.

We grow separately, but not apart. I’m a college student now, with friends scattered around the world. We always have one thing to fall back on, to bring nostalgia, to connect us: music.


I am not a musician either. Just a listener of music. I like sharing what brings me joy, in hope that someone might enjoy it too. I’m only justified by the amount of people who have asked me for mix tapes. Or asked me for the name of that song I played.

For those who grew bored of the radio.For those who see a magical quality in music.* For those open to any genre. And for those searching for something fresh and unappreciated. UnfoundSounds is for you.

*It is true that Alzheimer’s patients may forget the names of their children but know all the words to their favorite song, and it is true that some surgeons will play classical music during operations, and it is true that music can cure my bad mood better than any drug.

Why is this the case?I don’t know.



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