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The Chill Lane

10 Oct

Dat deep synth

Satin Jackets

9 Nov

Smooth like Satin



23 Jul




5 May

Irish electronic producer REID recently released this track “Miami”. I found this sick music video for it on youtube featuring some artsy scooting/fruitbooting at some of the best street spots and parks in Miami.



Project 46 back with more

30 Apr

“The Rift”, An addicting and chill progressive house track. Great for studying.



26 Mar

Vacationers are opening for the Naked and Famous this friday at Grand Central in Miami. Check them out and chill in the sunshine.

Download “Trip”


Panda Bear

19 Mar

Saw this surf video by Morgan Massen and loved the song. Panda Bear is the solo project of Noah Lennox of Animal Collective. Such a proper fit as the soundscape for a playful californian point break.





New Beach House

9 Mar

Just got out of a terrible stats midterm. I’m using this song to unwind.



Hip Hip Hooray

1 Mar

Today was a good day. Slept in, fought off sickness, got a bunch of work done, then found 3 awesome new songs IN A ROW. That never happens.

These songs are pretty hip.  And chill…  like…  chillip,  bro.

“The Reflection of You” is a new track from Brooklyn-based (hip) rock group: Bear in Heaven (I first read it as “Beer in Heaven” (so chilll))


“!N3V3R SL33P!” is a relaxing single (chill) with an ironic  title (hip) via the Brooklyn-based (hip) Poor Spirits


“Harvest Moon” by the LA-based Poolside (chill, bro) and is music they like to call “daytime disco” (hip)




26 Jan

I go to school in upstate New York. There is a farm with five cows visible from my home. There’s some snow, some hills, and no ocean. People are playing guitars and ukuleles in my house constantly. It’s no wonder I’ve been on a folk music craze. Whitley’s “More Than Life” has a title that sounds like a Backstreet Boy song but has a style that is completely different (kind of like Miami to upstate New York). It’s considerably poppy, but more it’s just chill guitar indie shit. In fact, this isn’t even folksy. I’m sparing you from the real gritty folk stuff I’ve been listening to lately.


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