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J Wang in da house

12 Jan


2 for 1 Tuesday

5 Sep

In the unlikely case you like one, you’ll likely like the other. What both of these producers have in common is that they have made some freakishly inconsistent stuff, though consistently experimental. The Noise-rock band HEALTH does a cover of a song from the sample-happy Pictureplane, and Blood Diamonds depart from their tropical flavor in “Heart” towards a soundscape by the likes of ┬áM83/Animal Collective… hmm…



The question is, do you really need 2 songs, or is this a marketing scheme to convince you that NEED 2, when only 1 is sufficient. But the fact that the songs are free makes this irrelevant, and it is in fact merely a choice to download not just 1, but 2 songs. Now, faced with 2 choices as opposed to 1, you are more likely to download neither according to the paradox of choice theory. So no, this is not a marketing scheme, and no I will probably not do another 2 for 1 next Tuesday, or ever again.

Lisztomania Cover

18 May

Completely reworked with some sexy sass from vocalist Jane Hanley.



The Flavour’s “Sex on Fire”

29 Apr

A reggae cover of “Sex on Fire” by The Flavour is perfect for Friday afternoons. Download the track below.



Skinny Love Cover

14 Apr

Jasmine Van Den Bogaerde, “Birdy”, is an English gal just 14 years old covering Bon Iver’s masterpiece, “Skinny Love”



Final exams suck…

14 Dec

…but this doesn’t.



‘Tis the Season for Ellie Goulding

1 Dec

‘Tis the season for finals and papers. And also for Pandora’s Christmas channel to be constantly playing.

For the moments when I’m not listening to Christmas carols, I’m listening to Ellie Goulding’s new releases. She just so happens to cover two of my favorite songs: The Wolves (Act I and II) by Bon Iver and Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap. Her voice is transcending and haunting, and as usual, beautiful. Alongside her two covers, she released on her new album “Believe Me” which is definitely worth a listen. Here’s the video for The Wolves (Act I and II):

The Wolves cover

Sweet Disposition Cover

Believe Me


This isn’t your parents’ music

11 Oct

My trip home this weekend was filled with cider donuts, snowboard purchases, and seeing familiar faces. While my mom was cooking dinner the other night (nothing quite like a home-cooked meal), I played this song not thinking she was actually listening. I think my parents seriously doubt my tastes and knowledge of music sometimes because my mom was so pumped that I was listening to Bruce Springsteen, albeit a cover of his song. Florence (from Florence+the Machine) and Kid Harpoon collaborate here for “I’m Goin Down” and the result is a chill, catchy, revitalization.



The Morning Benders “Dreams” (Fleetwood Mac cover)

5 Oct

I was in the middle of studying for my Statistics midterm, when this song came on my iPod. Evidently, this song takes way more precedence than my studying, so that must mean it’s really good…right? Right.

Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” reminds me of a roadtrip with Him this past summer, just us, the road and some mountains. The beginning of the video suggests “Let’s find some beautiful place to get lost,” which is precisely how I feel whenever I hear this song. The Morning Benders capture that feeling terrifically in this cover.


When I grow up, I want to live near the sea

4 Oct

“I’m very good with plants
when my friends are away
they let me keep the soil moist”

First Aid Kit’s rendition of Fever Ray’s “When I Grow Up” is gorgeous. Think of Adele, but more folksy.


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