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2 Oct

Another one I’m diggin. I think it pairs well with his tune “Happy With You”.



23 Jul

a bit less chipper than his other stuff.





10 May

I looked at the youtube channel that uploaded that REID video, Turns out they post a lot of cool music and music videos. If you’re into that slow dreamy glo-fi stuff, check it out.



26 Mar

Vacationers are opening for the Naked and Famous this friday at Grand Central in Miami. Check them out and chill in the sunshine.

Download “Trip”


Driving to Vermont

30 Dec

Twin Sister is an indie band from Long Island



Youth Lagoon

12 Dec

I didn’t take long to fall in love with Youth Lagoon’s The Year of Hiberation. It started with “Cannons”, which caught my attention and landed on my playlist. Then I found “Afternoon” and “Daydream” and realized this 22-year-old Trevor Powers had something special going on. I just found “July” “The Hunt” and “Montana” in a short surf flick about The Great Bear Rainforest in the pacific northwest, and after that, my heart was sold. The lo-fi dream pop is very suiting to the chill environmentalist vibe of the film, check it out.

Download “Cannons”

Download “Afternoon”

Download “Day Dream”


New M83

21 Jul

There’s this intangible quality to M83’s soundscapes that blow me away. The songs always have a direction, like you’re floating in slow motion towards something greater. Watch out for the unexpected suprrise in the last minute of the song. I thought the song was pretty passionate BEFORE the sax… I don’t know how I feel about it… can’t pretend that it doesn’t sound lame.



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