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Blood Diamonds

23 Jul

Tropical electropop



New Passion Pit, “Take a Walk”

7 May

Poppy vocals, same Passion Pit style. They will be returning to their stomping grounds, Boston, on June 22nd at Bank of America Pavilion.


Grouplove gets Gigameshed

15 Feb

Tongue Tied (Gigamesh Remix)- Grouplove



Teenage Crime (Stereotronique Remix)-Adrian Lux

29 Jan

Go, listen. This is insane, in the best way possible. Can’t get enough.



Oh Land’s “Sun of a Gun”

21 Nov

This fall, Denmark’s Oh Land released the EP “Sun of a Gun”, a super catchy, funky tune.



Lounge Pop by Club 8

4 Nov

Club 8 will be releasing a track titled “Close Now” on November 23. (S Club 8, the junior band to S Club 7, created “One Step Closer” back in the 2002. Coincidence?)

Regardless, this track is nothing like the teeny-bopish sounds of S Club 8,¬† and is instead an African-beat infused “lounge pop” track.


Hooray For Earth vs Twin Shadow

3 Nov

“A Place We Like” is a tight collaboration of Hooray for Earth and Twin Shadow. Makes me want to go on an adventure.


Yeasayer “Madder Red” (Hermanos Inglesos Remix)

3 Nov

In my humble opinion, Yeasayer stands to be one of the most influential bands of the year.

Here is fantastic remix of Yeasayer’s “Madder Red.” The sounds of Belgian duo, Hermanos Inglesos, whose expertise lies in club and electronic mixes, meshes well with Yeasayer’s funky, psychedelic, pop music.

Madder Red (Hermanos Inglesos Remix)


Remix: “Better Than Love”

31 Oct

At dinner, my friend posed the question “if you could go back in time and bring with you one thing, when would you go and what would you bring?” His response was he’d go back to Ancient Egypt with a flashlight and proclaim that he’s the Sun God. (Someone else said he’d go back to when Jesus was born and would have a video camera)

“Better Than Love (Italoconnection Remix)” transports you back in time with an 80s vibe, while retaining some fresh electro-pop feel. The group Hurts hails from the UK, and as BBC puts it, “[they are an] elegant and enigmatic Manchester electro duo.”


Lykke Li’s “Get Some”

26 Oct

Sony announced on Monday that it would stop producing the Walkman (I didn’t realize they were on the market still…). I remember my first Walkman, which came with a tape cassette of The Little Mermaid soundtrack. Thank god my music tastes have changed…

Check out Lykke Li’s “Get Some.” With lines like I’m your prostitute/You gonna get some, this song is far from the Disney tunes of my childhood, but still just as catchy.


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