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$ $

29 Nov

a modern mixture

Electronic dosage

9 Nov



2 Oct

Savant is a dubstep/complextro artist from Norway who used to to be under the moniker Vinter in Hollywood. He’s music is like a video game from the 90s…on acid. Awesome.



6 Sep

Shoutout to my roommate from Chicago for pointing these guys out. Saw them live at Grand Central this past weekend. SICK. This trio (a dude and two sisters) does a mix of house and brostep accompanied by a high energy stage presence. Check it.


Back to Miami

6 Sep

Haven’t posted in a whileeee. I’m back in Miami so naturally i’ve been listening/seeing to a lot of electronic.

New Madeon, sounds like his other stuff plus some vocals

This is really well known, but its too good not to post


Comment if you want a download


Kiely Rich

23 Jul

an up and coming DJ



Adventure Club

4 Jun

this features a sample from “Maps” plus some dubwobbles





17 Apr

Reggae and Dubstep, cousins.

This is “Make it Bun Dem” featuring Skrillex and Damian, came out yesterday

Download (low res)

And here’s Big City Life by Mattafix (UK) from 2005, remixed by Stylust.




15 Feb

My roommate was pissed when he heard  this, saying he wanted to do a dubstep remix of Sail, but White Noise beat him to it.



Knife Party

24 Jan

I got back to school in Miami last week and the first artist I heard on the car ride from the airport was Knife Party. This song was featured in the trailer for the new movie Red Tails… Hollywood using dubstep could be  a new trend.




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