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Mos Dub

1 Nov

Produced by NYorker Max Tannone, Mos Dub is a collection of Mos Def lyrics over Dub Reggae. This is his third major project, the others being Jaydiohead and Dub Kweli. All his material is free for download on his site



Never Fails to Impress Me… Matisyahu

12 Oct

This guy is seriously talented. His live recordings are even better than his album ones. Check out his beat box. Respect.


Positive…. Damian & Nas

22 Sep

Linking Hip Hop and Reggae, Damian & Nas speak the theme of their album Distance Relatives quite clearly. The song discusses how we all have a common brotherly heritage in Africa.  Slower than the other tracks, their message is heard easily, “Who are we today? The Slums, diseases, AIDS. We need that all to fade, we cannot be afraid.” To be true to ourselves and to address the problems in the world today, this track is truly positive. And no, sorry, I don’t have any clue what K’naan says in his section.


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