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Hip Hip Hooray

1 Mar

Today was a good day. Slept in, fought off sickness, got a bunch of work done, then found 3 awesome new songs IN A ROW. That never happens.

These songs are pretty hip.  And chill…  like…  chillip,  bro.

“The Reflection of You” is a new track from Brooklyn-based (hip) rock group: Bear in Heaven (I first read it as “Beer in Heaven” (so chilll))


“!N3V3R SL33P!” is a relaxing single (chill) with an ironic  title (hip) via the Brooklyn-based (hip) Poor Spirits


“Harvest Moon” by the LA-based Poolside (chill, bro) and is music they like to call “daytime disco” (hip)




8 Feb

A 6 pack of cold ones for those shoegazing moments

Microscopic- Grand Resort

Shallow- Beach Fossils

Youth- Warm Speakers

Into the Trees- Still Corners

Poor Animal- Zola Jesus

Brooklyn Sunburn- Teen Daze


Youth Lagoon

12 Dec

I didn’t take long to fall in love with Youth Lagoon’s The Year of Hiberation. It started with “Cannons”, which caught my attention and landed on my playlist. Then I found “Afternoon” and “Daydream” and realized this 22-year-old Trevor Powers had something special going on. I just found “July” “The Hunt” and “Montana” in a short surf flick about The Great Bear Rainforest in the pacific northwest, and after that, my heart was sold. The lo-fi dream pop is very suiting to the chill environmentalist vibe of the film, check it out.

Download “Cannons”

Download “Afternoon”

Download “Day Dream”


young minds

15 Dec

Found this group on a friends blog. Indie. From Allston, MA.

Download at Bandcamp



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