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Spring Party Weekend

19 Apr

It’s that time of the year when professors leave upstate New York in fear of the wrath of Spring Party Weekend. Three (or four, or five) days of insane college students getting drunk on lawns, attending concerts, and not remembering any of it. If you want, you can jump in a pool of Jello, or maybe some beach volleyball is more your cup of tea. Barbecues are lit up, even if it rains, and campus tours for potential applicants are cancelled.

This year, Avicii is the main stage performer (I don’t want to think about how much of my tuition is going towards this concert).  Following this is a foam party with Kap Slap. 80s cover bands, and Springsteen cover bands, add to the collection of events.

As we’ve mentioned before on Unfound, Kap Slap is originally from our high school and damn, he makes some good music. Here is his recent mix of Swedish House Mafia with “Call Me Maybe.”

Things are about to get nuts at Colgate. As Walter Cronkite said in 1972: “There are two places in the world I wouldn’t want my daughter to be … Vietnam and Colgate during Spring Party Weekend.” 



I feel so bad for Adele’s ex-boyfriends

9 Jan


I’m a sucker for Adele. Admittedly, I have the biggest girl crush on her (or maybe just her voice?). Anyways, I feel horribly for her past lovers as her songs are incredibly powerful, raw, and well…flat-out depressing. Obviously “Someone Like You”  fits well in this category of epic Adele break-up songs, but I love that Clark Kent remixed it so that the depression of the song is a bit diminished. Pretty cool sounds.


1 month without Aussies

21 Dec

Today marks one month since I’ve been home from Oz. I definitely miss the place, the lovely city of Sydney, the beaches, the parks, the people, the accents…

This popular song by Gotye was definitely the most notable song that I picked up and heard (like everyday) while I was there.




The new year is coming

7 Dec

Meaning the “best of 2011” mashups will be upon us. Here’s the first one I’ve come across so far.



The Pregame Handbook

15 Nov

It’s not a pregame unless there’s music. Playing the proper music at your pregame isn’t about having one good playlist, it’s about to catering to the crowd and the occasion you’re drinking for. Here’s a mini-playlist for your different types of friends and helping them get from a to b (where b may be drunkland or cloud9). Hopefully these songs keep your friends’ paws off your iPod/laptop.

There’s a lot of mash-ups and I’ve tried not to include any songs I’ve already posted. (Downloads are in batches when size limit allowed). Enjoy.


The “we pre game harder than you party” Pregame

When to play:

-Your living room looks like a frat house

-Dom Mazzetti just showed up and has high expectations for an epic night

-You have a subwoofer and lights


1. Strobe (Special Features Remix)- Deadmau5

2. All Night Long- 3LAU 3. Electric Dream- Mord Fustang

4. Fight Club Is Closed (Religion Remix)- Dada Life 5. Raging Levels- Mochi Beats

Serve with: Hard liquor

What to expect:

-People jumping, fist pumping, and yelling

-You’re definitely going to a club afterwards


The Dubstep Pregame

When to play:

-You’re going to a Bassnectar concert tonight

-You want to limber up your spine for those epic drops


1. Cinema (Skrillex Remix)- Benny Benassi

2. 1975- Zeds Dead _ 3. Feel So Close (Nero Remix)- Calvin Harris

4. Magical World- Bassnectar _ 5. Promises (Skrillex & Nero Remix)- Nero

6. Disco Rangers- Skrillex _ 7. Never Good Enough (The Killabits Remix)- Major Lazer _ 8. I Can’t Stop- Flux Pavillion

Serve with: Liquor or Pills

What to expect

-Possible injuries

-Noise complaints from frightened neighbors


The Suburban Alt. Pregame

When to play:

-Crowd includes liberal arts college students wearing flannels from urbz and soft hipsters who appreciate indie pop

-People are playing card-based drinking games


1. Low Shoulder- Toro y Moi _ 2. Up All Night- French Horn Rebellion _ 3. Punching In A Dream- TNAF

4. Pumped Up Kicks (Myndset Remix)- Foster the People _ 5. Little Bit (Villains Remix)- Lyyke Li

6. Baby- PNAU

7. Paradise (Fedde Le Grand Remix)-Coldplay

What to serve: Beers with a craft image but are actually owned by Ansesier-Buscsh, mixed drinks

What to expect:

-Name dropping of indie bands


The Deep Hipster Pregame

When to play:

-Your friends show up on fixed gears looking like homeless people

-You can’t play anything mainstream, unless it’s ironic or retro

-You can’t be too loud because your apartment is a closet in Brooklyn


1. Pure- Blackbird Blackbird_ 2. Grass- Animal Collective_ 3. Lovers- Brothertiger

4. Change of Pace- Orca Orca _ 5. Summer Holiday- Wild Nothing_ 6. Rad Racer (Summer Heart Remix)- Work Drugs_ 7. Sacred Heart- Cass McCombs

What to serve: PBR, beers no one has heard of, whiskey you got at a thrift store/ dumpster

What to expect:

-You probably won’t decide on going out anywhere that costs money

-People asking if you have any vegan snacks

-Hippie Jam Fest 2005


The Pop Pregame:

When to play:

-Friends don’t care too much for “techno” and hate hipsters

-Any songs they don’t know automatically suck

-Girls are tired of watching guys play beer pong and want to sing pop-songs  to occupy their time


1. It’s His Empire Sled- Youtube Mashup Proj._ 2. Give Me Everything (Tonight)- Pitbull

3. Little Secret Fireman- Tim Gunter_ 4. Ignition (Keep It Remixing Louder)- The Hood Internet

5. Bad Touch- Bloodhound Gang_ 6. Infinite Dream- White Panda_7. What’s Luv- Fat Joe Ft. Ashanti

What to serve: Light beer and Smirnoff Ice

What to expect:



The Reggae Pregame

When to play:

-You’re heading to a Rebelution concert or Marley Fest

-You have a comfortable couch


1. Jah roots- Sashamon_ 2. Youths Dem Cold- Richie Spice_ 3. Under Mi Sensi- Barrington Levy

4. Ganja Farmer- Marlon Asher_ 5. Pressure Drop- Toots & The Maytals_ 6. Roc Boys vs. Mrs. Officer -Slightly Stoopid & Jay Z

What to serve: Herbs

What to expect:

-Your friends eating all your food and playing Mario kart

-A lice-infested and stanky living room


The Punk Pregame:

When to play:

-You’re friends don’t wash their hair and only wear black tshirts and jeans

-Quality of the song is proportional to how badass it is


1. Obstacle 1- Interpol _ 2. Swim- Surfer Blood_ 3. Anarchy in the UK- Sex Pistols_ 4. Sex and Violence- The Exploited

5. Self Esteem- The Offspring_ 6. Tribulations- LCD Soundsystem_ 7. YSTC- Cassius

Serve with: Bud heavy

What to expect:

-Swearing, middle-fingers, cigarettes

-Not being let into any bars or clubs

-Drunken skateboarding

-Broken or burnt furniture


Naked and Famous

1 Sep

You should have already heard of this group. These New Zealander’s came out hits like “Young Blood” and “Punching in a Dream” I posted over a year ago with their debut album. Here’s another song I didn’t catch on to until just now, its the last one on the album. See them at Park Life next month in Sydney.




Alex Winston “Sister Wife”

15 Aug

You probably thought we broke up since the last seemingly million posts have been by Him. Rest assuredly, I am still here.

And here’s some awesome chick music for you to enjoy. I hate to love (and simultaneously love to hate) Alex Winston’s “Sister Wife.” Her whiny voice is annoying but oh, so catchy. To make this song more enigmatic is the subject of a sister wife. Furthermore she creates a ridiculously creepy music video involving old women, scary white cats, kimonos, and slithering snakes. My reaction is purely, wtf. And I keep listening and listening.



New Calvin Harris

12 Aug

This is an instant hit, coming to a dancefloor near you on August 21st.

Be sure to check the Nero Remix.

Sweet music video:

Download (128kbps)



Hypem Zeitgeist 2010

15 Jan

Mix created by Glitch Mob featuring some of hypems 50 top songs for 2010




30 Dec

Goodbye 2010. Hello new decade.

Earworm’s other one’s were much better than this crap


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