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12 Nov

Him and I went to see the film “Drive,” and while we disagreed about what we liked about the movie, one thing was for sure: the soundtrack is fresh. I can easily see myself driving to this music (particularly “Nightcall”), pretending my Honda Civic is…not a Honda Civic. Here are the three best tracks from the movie.

Download A Real Hero

Download Under Your Spell

Download Nightcall



1 Sep

Music from the movie with a bit of dubstep. Reminds me of Totoro’s big smile 🙂

Can be downloaded from his soundcloud


Derezzed (Cassettes Won’t Listen Remix)

28 Nov

This Cassette’s Won’t Listen remix of Daft Punk’s “Derezzed” is in the trailer for the new movie, Tron. But this track doesn’t need the status of being in a film–its catchy, evolving sound makes this 5 minutes of solid listening pleasure.



The Social Network

24 Oct

I finally got around to seeing The Social Network and the first thing that struck me was the soundtrack. There are memorable (cue Titanic and Mary Poppins), as well as many unremarkable, soundtracks out there and this one is definitely a poignant score. Enjoy “Hand Covers Bruise” and “Complication with Optimistic Outcomes” below, and be grateful for your true friends, not 500 million online faces.


If You Liked Inception… We Plants are Happy Plants

27 Sep

Inception was one of the best movies I saw over the summer. If you liked the movie too, listen to this. We Plants are Happy Plants, aka Peter Bergmann, a 22 year-old from Budapest, remixed a song from the movie originally by Hans Zimmer, the king of movie soundtracks. This thing gives me the chills. ooOOoHOhhoaaahh


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