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M83 Post #4

7 Nov

This makes the fourth about M83’s new album Hurry Up We’re Dreaming. Album of the year?

This is a fan-made video for “Wait”, features footage about a monkey going into space. From what I can gather, the chimp is probably “Ham”, the first chimp launched into space in 1961. Ham was chosen out of 40 chimp candidates and received much examination and training, including lever pushing, which he conducted while in space. Clips of free speech protests, MLK, JFK, and war are also shown towards the climax, ending with the monkey’s perspective of earth from space, just a small blue dot. This shit is on another level.  “There is no end. There is no goodbye. Disappear with the night… No time… No time…”




Get Spiritual….Enigma

29 Sep

This is some hippie shit. Listen to what she says, mad funny, get high. Quite an intro to an album.

My drama teacher used to make us meditate to this one:


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