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10 Oct

By now, this Scottish trio needs no introduction. They’re currently touring the US and have their song “We Sink” featured in FIFA ’14 (having your song in a FIFA game is the equivalent of being featured on Oprah, except the market demographic is polar opposite). 10 out of the 12 songs of their debut album The Bones of What you Believe in are keepers in my book. “Guns” and “Lungs” may be my favorites, but “Under the Tide” caught me by surprise during their live show in Boston when one of the guys took over the vocals. Sounds like M83, with a bit of Passion PIt.


29 Nov

Chromatics is a four-peice band from Portland, OR.I first heard this group in the Soundtrack of Drive, a movie notable for its 80s synth tunes.


Till Death

4 Jun

I could listen to this forever. Intense but simple and dreamy. It’s my goal this summer to make a surf edit with this song.



Since Foster the People isn’t cool anymore…

26 Jan

Since Foster The People isn’t cool anymore, and MGMT is sooo last decade, SWIM DEEP has filled the void with this glittery single. Fuck ya.






12 Nov

Him and I went to see the film “Drive,” and while we disagreed about what we liked about the movie, one thing was for sure: the soundtrack is fresh. I can easily see myself driving to this music (particularly “Nightcall”), pretending my Honda Civic is…not a Honda Civic. Here are the three best tracks from the movie.

Download A Real Hero

Download Under Your Spell

Download Nightcall


Warm Speakers

11 Aug

His bio on Last fm:

“li / bk
never question the muse, really. ‘less you dare stare straight at the oncoming train, that is, the locomotive reaper of all things creative. warm speakers, hot amps, sticky floors, broken keys, wood and wire(less), dance, chill, surf, smoke, total-t, rolling deep , one young lad, borne of beach who dreams of the open sea”


Also listen to “Verda” on his bandcamp or soundcloud



New Neon Indian

6 Aug

No, not Neon Trees, god no. Neon Indian is synthpopper Alan Palomo who’s about to release his new album Era Extraña.

Download Fallout

Download Polish Girl


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